Thank you for your interest in Writing Zone Magazine! We encourage you to read our guidelines for submission carefully to avoid any mistakes that may disqualify you for publication. We are a selective magazine, but we hope that you continue to submit your work to us and/or other publications even if you have not been accepted right away. Best of luck to you!
General Submission Guidelines
What can be submitted to Writing Zone Magazine?
Writing Zone Magazine is currently only accepting submissions for poetry and short fiction.
Who can submit to Writing Zone Magazine?
Writing Zone Magazine only accepts submissions from children ages 7-12.
How do I submit my work to Writing Zone Magazine?
Writing Zone Magazine only accepts email submissions. Please email work to: .
What do I need to include in my email submission?

In your email submission, please include your personal information and the number of submissions for each category in the upper left hand corner of the email as depicted below:
Parent/Guardian’s Name
Phone Number
Number of Submissions for poetry and/or fiction
 Jane Doe
Parent/Guardian: Amy Doe
Age: 10
Poetry Submission: 2
Fiction Submissions: 3
If you have zero submissions in one of the categories, you do not need to include it in your email submission. In sending your work, please attach each piece of writing individually as a word document to the email. Acceptable files include doc. and docx. In the upper left corner of each of the attached documents, include your name, the title of work, and word count as shown below:
Word Count
Jane Doe
 The Boy and the River
Word Count: 600
You may have multiple works in one attached document. However, be sure that each work has the name, title, and word count labeled over it. You only need to have your name on the document once. After that you only need to include title and word count before introducing your next piece of writing. Furthermore, please keep poetry and fiction in separate attached documents. For example, if you are submitting three poems and three short fiction stories, you would have one attached document that only contained the poems and another document that contained only the fiction.
In addition to this, please attach a biography about yourself. Such topics include why you like to write and/or other interests you are pursuing. Biographies can be up to 200 words and are a separate document from your writing works. Please do not go over the word limit.
Can I submit work that has already been published?
No. Writing Zone Magazine only accepts work that has not been previously published.
How many submissions can I send?
There are two categories that Writing Zone Magazine offers: short fiction and poetry. An applicant may submit five entries for each category for a total of ten entries. Please do not send another round of entries until there is confimation on whether or not your work was published.
Are there submission deadlines for Writing Zone Magazine?
No. We accept submissions year round.
How do I know if my submission was recieved?
You will recieve a confirmation email within 1-2 weeks. This may take more or less time depending on how many submission we recieve.
How do I know if I was published?
An email will be sent to you on whether or not any of your work was accepted for publication. This email may take 1-2 months depending on the amount of submissions we recieve.
Specific Submission Guidelines for Writing Categories
Guidelines for Short Fiction Submissions:
What type of Short Fiction does Writing Zone Magazine look for?
Writing Zone Magazine wants stories that are character driven. We like quirky characters who grab our attention from the moment we meet them. We also appreciate a strong plot line as well. The stories are not genre specific so feel free to let your imagination run wild. Please no foul language, graphic violence, or sexual content. We want stories that are clean and creative.
What are the length requirements for the Short Fiction category?
Writing Zone Magazine accepts fiction between 250 and 2000 words. Any story that is below or above this word count will be disqualified.
Guidelines for Poetry Submission:
What type of Poetry does Writing Zone Magazine look for?
Writing Zone Magazine wants poetry that has an inspirational message in overcoming challenges. We accept poetry that is in a fixed form or free verse. Poetry does not have to be metered or rhyming for it to be accepted, but if it is it should be creative and well thought out.  Allow the rhythm of the poem to tell a story.
What is the length requirements for the Poetry category?
Writing Zone Magazine accepts poetry that is up to thirty lines for each poem. This is the maximum amount of lines we will accept. There is no minimum requirement for line count.
More questions? Email us at: .
                                                                    2013 Writing Zone Magazine

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