Age 12

The author for the following works has asked to remain anonymous.

                                                                                                                                                            Beach Memories

Glimmering, shining

Rough, coarse, stinging

Sugary warm

Wet, dry

Muddy, pebbly, sinking

Smooth, gritty

White, black


Beautiful sand

Up ahead.

The ocean.

Rippling waves;

A never-ending

Colorful curtain;

Shimmering, twirling.

In the wind,

A whispering expanse

As if hushing a baby to sleep.

Each coming wave

Gently caresses the rocks

On the shore

Then quickly rushes back.


Swirling whirling

Dust devils evaporating

Into the skies.

Wind dancing,

Creating an ocean

Of its own.

Summer Wind

Earth soft and damp under my feet.

Ants tickling my heels.

The sun is scorching my back

And burning my arms;

Stinging my hair like a flame.

A strong whiff of wind

Releases my pain.

It gives me a break from the heat.

The trees bow and kneel side to side

And clap their branches in thanks.

The weeds they rustle by the trees.

They tickle on another

And rub against each other.

Merry is their laughter

Like the ocean slapping the sand

On a calm sunny day.

The Moon

Glimpsing through the clouds

On a sultry night’s stillness,

Suspended in the midst of the world.

Softly breathing,

Bathing under the night sky;

Ruling the stars surrounding her.

Stretching out her silver fingers;

Caring for the shadows below.

The Leaves’ Festival

Summer’s golden years shrivel,

Decay away.

Autumn unmasks

A beautiful season of fading.

The leaves have their festival

Dressed in golden clothes

And frilly dresses.

Their fiery color lights up the sky

Like candles.

Striking, vivid



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