Age 10


Name: Hailey Fowler

About: Hailey Fowler was born July 21st and grew up with her father, mother, and brother in Wallingford, Connecticut. She was bullied for being small, not athletic, weird, and not skinny. In 2012, Hailey was introduced to creative writing and found it a pleasant way of expressing feeling, desire, inspiration, and love. Despite being bullied for dedicating her time to poems, stories, songs, and school projects, she continued writing.

Hailey’s writing inspirations include her Portuguese great aunt (Titi) Deana Barroqueiro. She is Portugal’s favorite author and wrote young like Hailey. She got published around Hailey’s present age for the first time. Deana Barroqueiro continues writing and is up to 13 published best seller books. Hailey finds herself in a hard and unusual place in the world and has cared for her autistic brother Jonah from the day she could care for herself. It isn’t easy, but she manages every day.

Hailey has always dreamed of being an author, and never had the chance until now. She is inspired by her family’s dedication to her talent. Being published in this book is the first step to success in this young future author’s life.

A Wishful Day

Once upon a time, a small, boney rattlesnake named Rocky lived under a rock. He lived alone and in the dark. Rocky loved to sit in the sun and watch his surroundings. Day after day, Rocky watched the roadrunners dart by.
“If only I had legs,” Rocky sighed. He wanted to be the fastest snake in Arizona. He wanted to be faster than the speed of light. He would even trade his life with a tortoise. Even though he would still be slow, he would still have legs.
To make himself feel better, Rocky would go for a slither to his favorite spot in the whole desert and watch the sun vanish over the deep canyons and the tall structures.
One day as he was lying in the sun, Rocky heard a small noise.
“Help me!” a tiny voice said. He followed the sound to a little field mouse with her tail caught under a rock.
“Oh, please! Spare me Mr. Rattlesnake!” the rodent begged.
“Why should I? You would make such a tasty snack!”
“Oh, please!” the mouse pleaded as she began to pray.
“Okay,” Rocky groaned as he loosened the rock.
“Oh, thank you!” The mouse wrapped her tiny paws around Rocky’s scaly body.
The mouse then told Rocky to step back and watch as she jumped onto a rock. It flew up into the air as Rocky watched in awe. Tiny wings sprouted from her back. Her tail grew long, and feathers formed all over her body. Her fur turned the color of gold with a fiery glow. Her hazel eyes turned blood red. Her nose transformed into a beak. Her small body stretched into a long, thin frame and her gold feathers lined up beautifully with her long, slender new body. Her ears sank into her body as a long, feathery crest took its place. Her tiny wings grew longer than the Mississippi River.
“A Phoenix!”  Rocky yelled with amazement.
“My name is Flame,” the Phoenix said. “Because you spared my life, I will grant you one wish.”
Rocky plopped himself in front of Flame and starred at her in disbelief.
“Okay…” Rocky tried not to show his excitement. He thought for a while, and finally the perfect wish came to mind. “Give me legs!” Rocky demanded. Flame starred at him curiously.
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Flame said, hoping to hear something unselfish.
“I want legs!” Rocky insisted.
“As you wish…” Flame mumbled as she rolled her eyes. Flame raised her wing and granted Rocky his legs.
“I can’t believe it!” Rocky exclaimed. Just when Rocky was about to run off with his new legs, Flame stopped him with her treacherous voice.
“Wait!” She screamed. “There’s one catch.”
“What?!” There can’t be a catch!” Rocky stomped with anger.
“What’s wrong? I thought you would do anything for ANYTHING for the chance to walk.” Flame paced around Rocky.
“What’s the catch?” Rocky sighed. Flame pointed down at his tail.
“My… my rattle?” Rocky stuttered. “I can’t! I need it to survive!”
“Why would you need a dumb old rattle when you could have two fast weapons against predators attached to your hips?” Flame persuaded.
“Well…” Rocky was not able to think under all that pressure. “Okay” Rocky traded his rattle with Flame. Guilt started to build up inside him. He knew trading in his rattle wasn’t a good idea. “Well, at least I have these new legs to enjoy.” Rocky said to himself. “Oh well… I can’t just sit around moping about a stupid rattle. I have new legs to explore.” Rocky said this as he jumped a mile high and left a trail of dust behind him.
Maybe I could have a little fun with these things…. Rocky thought with a mischievous grin. He crept up on an armadillo grazing along.
“What a lovely day!” the armadillo said in a dreamy voice. “Nothing can ruin this day!”
Rocky glanced down at the armadillo’s arms and saw a beautiful gem with a shiny glow and a dazzling splash of color in the center with a trail of silver around the edges. Rocky stared at the gem in awe. He HAD to have it. Rocky slowly stalked the armadillo with his eye on the stone.
“Mine!” Rocky couldn’t control himself. There was something about that gem that made Rocky go out of his mind. As he got up, he looked around for the gem.
“Not so fast!” an unfriendly voice shouted. Rocky slowly turned around.  It was Roadrunner. Roadrunner is just about the meanest bird there is.
“Looking for this?” he teased as he held the gem in his talon. “I know! It’s such a lovely gem!” he said. “but it’s not just any gem. It’s a magic gem, and that’s why you can’t stop staring at it.” Rocky stared at him with a terrified look. “The only antidote is the shake of a rattlesnake’s tail.” Roadrunner held the stone in front of Rocky.
“Let me go!” Rocky begged.
“Once the stone gets full control of you, you will be my slave!” Roadrunner laughed evilly. Rocky shook his tail rapidly.
“Oh no! I forgot I traded my rattle for legs.” Rocky started to cry. “Oh please! I promise I will never wish for something again! Just please give me back my rattle! Please!” Rocky closed his eyes tightly.
“Rocky, you can open your eyes now.” A tender voice flowed through Rocky’s mind. He opened his eyes to find himself under his rock with Flame standing next to him.
“I gave you your rattle back. I thought you learned your lesson.” Flame teased.
Rocky looked down and was relieved to see his rattle in its place. From that day on, Rocky never even dreamed about having legs again.


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