Zone Out! Writing Prompt of the Week.

Think of a number between 1 and 10. Do you have it? Great! You just selected a writing prompt at random to help spur that creativity of yours. Find the writing prompt that corresponds with your number and get to writing!

1. You purchase a new pet and are very excited to take care of it. Suddenly your new pet starts talking to you. What happens next?

2. You are in outer space and land on a new planet that has never been discovered before. What will you name it? What will you find?

3. You have a trouble making friend who wants to skip school for the day to go to a carnival that just arrived in town. What adventure lies ahead?

4. You are sailing out in the ocean when suddenly you are invaded by pirates! Do you join them?

5. Your parents decide that the whole family needs to clean the house. They send you to clean out the hall closet that has been piled with junk for years. As you clean it out you discover a secret door that is in the closet floor. You open it to find….what?

6. You find a frail old lady who wishes to cross the street. You help her out, and she is very grateful. She wants to offer you a gift for your kindness. What could it be?

7. While out camping in the forest, you wander off to fetch some firewood by yourself. You soon become lost. All of a sudden, you become face to face with a huge grizzly bear! What will you do?

8. You make a new friend at school and he/she invites you over to him/her’s house. After getting permission from your parents, you go over to hang out for the day. You go to use the bathroom but accidentally stumble into the garage. You find out that there is a UFO in their garage! Do you say anything or tell anyone?

9. You just found out that you have the ability to become invisible! What will you do with this new power?

10. Your parents come home from an auction they just attended and brought home an expensive painting. As your parents put it up on a wall, a small envelope falls to ground from within it. No one notices it but you. You pick it up and open it. What is inside?


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